When Folks say, that I ain’t right in the head, they are right. I am Left, because its Right!

Need I say more?

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Like to sign up for Feb 14th Open Mic

I am a political satirist. We met at the Hamilton office of the DMV, some time ago. I have a column on Newsvine.com, under the title of EatThePress-DontReadIt.Newsvine.com and also on The NewsTalker.com as “Political Pornography”.

Any openings?

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JOHN BOEHNE R – How Drunk Do You Think The Weeper of the House at this precise moment?

This is a disgusting article and I would not read it, if I hadn’t written it.

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Hey, DEMOCRAT Ring Leaders!

Every damn day, since I donated to the DNC, I am getting solicited for candidates across America who want me to sign a petition, “Exposing the KOCH ROACH BROTHERS”, or, another of my pet peeves.  Then, they sucker me back to a “FREAKING FRACKING” donation page.

How Drunk Do You Think Boehner Is At This Precise Moment?

What? Are we so lame that we are caving in to the Republican concept that the ONLY way to win an election is with cold, hard CASH? Money rules – people don’t?

I am doing my part, have been for several years, writing a column for Newsvine.com, posting on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google, YouTube, on other sites, (The NewsTalker.com, OpEd.com),  where I gleefully write blistering articles about “NO MORE LEGISLATING WHILE DRUNK”, or, the subtler, “How Drunk Do You Thing John Boehner Is At This Precise Time?”

I spend a considerable amount of my quickly evaporating time chewing the GOP’s oversized ass every chance I get.  I am on a freaking fracking mission, but, I am not doing this so that we can kick Republican Crooks Out, so, we can elect OUR CROOKS!

My Stand Up, Sit Down, Roll Over Comedy is devoted exclusively to getting people out on November 4th, 2014, to vote out the “KOCH ROACH BROTHERS’ LAPDOG”.   I close my set with a plead for the audience to Show BILLIONAIRES that they do not own America – WE DO!

Naturally, here, in the Midwest, Ohio, right smack dab in the middle of Johnnie A. Boehner’s 8th Congressional District, I am pelted with tomatoes, cabbage and all sort of organically grown vegetable, which I dutifully gather up to make Vegetable Soup.

Get our billionaires to contribute $200 – $300 million, or, more to cleaning up the BUYING OF ‘MERICA’ ELECTORAL PROCESS!


I BELIEVE that my contributions are more valuable than the few dollars that I can afford to send you ass swipe from my tinny, tiny Social Security check. F*ck, I can’t feed the birds on that stipend.

Here’s the links to my sites, I hope:

JonathanLPigeon@YouTube – “You Know What Republicans Really Want? A Return to Slavery!”

JonathanLivingstonPigeon-Poo@TheNewsTalker.com. “Political Pornography!”
John K. Roberts (Little Johnnie Jump Up), Face Book!
WintropeMerridethTheIII.Newsvine.com – “Black From the Waist Down, where it counts; White from the Waist Up, where it doesn’t.  Biracial, bipolar, Bipedal and Buy-Sexual – that’s the only way I am going to get a date”.

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If Pleasuring Oneself Is a Crime, Then I Am Going To Jail For a Long Time: Confessions of Masters & Baiters!


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Does Fox TV ONLY Hires Sexual Preverts?

Consider the facts:

1. Dick Morris – Fired as a “Political Advisor” from the Clinton campaign for using political contributions to purchase foot fetish sex with prostitutes. His wife dropped the dirty “bomb shell” during their highly publicized divorce proceedings.
2. Bill O’Reilly – Settles out of court for millions with female TV producer who claims he sexually harassed her.
3. Sarah Palin – adultery! Husband involved in prostitute bust; daughter, Bristol, gave birth to an out-of-wedlock child as a teenager, refused to wed the child’s father and moved in with her new boyfriend while making a fortune as a spokesperson for “Abstinence”, a philosophy of birth control she was practicing before she got pregnant.  Her sister spends her lonely nights at home alone bashing “gays” on her Facebook blog.
4. Newt Gingrich – Married three times before converting to Catholicism. Had an illicit affair with a member of his staff while prosecuting the impeachment of Clinton. This darling of the Republican Party claims that patriotism caused his affairs.  Affairs on his first wife; second wife who he served divorce papers on while she was in the hospital under sedation and recurring from cancer surgery.
4. Sean Hannity – Molested by a priest as a choir boy or molested a priest as an adult, is a hysterical repressed sexual freak who delights in lambasting Liberals with the glee of an aroused sexual pervert.
5. Megyn Kelly – poised semi-nude for  men’s magazine at the same time she is heralded as a serious “News Anchor” for Fox TV Network News and Extreme Views!

What Is Wrong With This Family Values, Right Wing, “Goody-Two Shoes” Broadcasting Behemest?

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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